The Islands Choice!
Air Mechanix is Savannah's own family owned and operated  full
service indoor comfort expert. In an era when so many companies have
given up control to out-of-state "parent" organizations who are
out-of-touch with anything other than corporate needs, we try to be the
face of an earlier business practice...your neighborhood serviceman.

No matter what neighborhood you live in our Wilmington Island based
business is ready to extend the "local" from here to Georgetown, out to
Pooler and Bloomingdale and back.
In affiliation with home owner warranty companies we have a second
layer of coverage beyond the South Side to Richmond Hill and around
to Rincon. And everyone gets the same value based services,
inflated mark-ups or hidden "flat rate" labor charges here! One last
thing, our word of mouth advertising keeps us big enough that you will
never see your dollars being spent on large billboards (refer to no
hidden charges statement), or much of any other advertising for that
matter. Please check out the rest of our site, If you like what you see
give us a call. We'd love to hear from you!